Sign up now and get €40 welcome bonus


Sign up now and get €40 welcome bonus

Enjoy your European IBAN account, handy mobile app and free Mastercard. To get your bonus, use this promo code during registration:

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Your Virtual Mastercard is available right after registration. Physical BCC Mastercard will be issued within 24 hours upon account registration and promptly delivered worldwide.

How to get your Blackcatcard?

  • 1
    Get the app

    Get the Blackcatcard mobile app

  • 2
    Fill simple form

    Fill out the simple registration form

  • 3
    Take a selfie

    Take a selfie and scan your passport

  • 4
    Send proof

    Send proof of your EEA or Swiss residence

Pocket your fortune

Get a 2.2% interest rate on available account balance or 0.1% cashback on all transactions*.

Benefit from Additional cards

You can order additional cards linked to your IBAN account to separate personal or family expenses.

Easy to Send - Easy to get

Move funds from one BCC account to another without any limits or charges. With the mobile app, transfers are instant and free of charge.

Money. Time. Management.

Your account and any linked cards are always accessible through the mobile app.

Set custom transaction limits or even block your card temporarily for complete peace of mind.

24/7Customer support

We speak your language.

  • IBAN

    IBAN account
    in EUR

  • SEPA


  • Accepted worldwide


  • Global delivery



Service fee**


per month

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I want to participate in your promotion. When will I get my referral promo code?

We are glad you decided to participate in the Blackcatcard referral program. After you have successfully registered with a unique promo code, you will receive 40 EUR bonus to your account, as well as an e-mail with an offer to become an agent yourself and get your promo code to refer a friend. You will receive this e-mail, as well as the bonus, within 5 working days after successful registration and full compliance with the promotion rules and conditions.

I don't understand how the referral program works.

Blackcatcard gives real money for signing up your friends.

If you're already a Blackcacard customer and have received your personal promo code, share it with your friends in any suggested ways. The promo code must be used during the registration process for a new Blackcatcard user who resides in one of 30 EEA member states or Switzerland. After successful registration, you will both receive €40. You can use the promo code an unlimited number of times.

If you received a promo code from your friend, download the Blackcatcard app, use it during your registration and complete it successfully. After that, you will receive a €40 bonus within 5 business days. Please note that to receive the bonus, you must have one of the loyalty programs enabled.

After you joined Blackcatcard, we invite you to become an agent, get your personal promo code and share it with your friends. For each invited friend who successfully registers with your promo code, you and your friend will receive a €40 bonus.

Is it real money, and what can I spend it on?

This bonus is credited as cash to your account. You can use it at your own discretion. There are no restrictions for using the bonus.

I don't see where I can enter a promo code in the app.

To receive the bonus, enter the promo code during registration in the "Promo code" field on the "Additional Information".

What e-mail address should your letters come from?

All relevant information about the referral program will come from this e-mail address:

How do I make sure that I have entered the correct promo code when registering?

You will receive an e-mail with information about the reward after completing a successful registration. If you doubt your code's correctness, check with your friend who has shared it with you. It will not be possible to correct the promo code and get the bonus after registering with the wrong code.

We're glad you decided to participate in the Blackcatcard referral program. You can ask any questions you have to the 24/7 Customer Support directly in the app (registration is not required).